Fieldwork is ongoing across developers, policy, community, and other participants in Danish wave energy. For example, with the Danish Wave Energy Center, Hanstholm, and with Bølgekraftforeningen (Danish Wave Energy Association). For more information please contact Brit Ross Winthereik.


Orkney has been a world centre for marine energy since 2003, when the European Marine Energy Centre was established in the islands. Ethnographic fieldwork on marine energy, and how the unique seascape, people, and heritage of the islands is engaged in making energy futures, been ongoing since 2007. This project will expand on that fieldwork. For more information contact Laura Watts.


Comparative work on ‘edge’ and ‘alien’ energy is being done in Iceland. This ethnographic fieldwork will focus on geothermal energy and its landscapes, infrastructures, and people. For more information please contact James Maguire.