Launch of the Energy Walk in Hanstholm

On September 6, 2014 the Energy Walk was launched in Hanstholm. Guided by a digital walking stick, visitors are taken on a 40-minute experience of energy at the edge, weaving together the seascape of the Danish Wave Energy Center, with other sustainable energies at the ‘edge’, from Orkney to Iceland.

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Four walking sticks are available and can be tried until November 1.The walking sticks are hosted by Færgegrillen from where they can be borrowed.

The event was covered by the local newspaper Nordjyske Stiftstidende (in Danish only), Digitale vandrestave var en god oplevelse.

Thanks to the many people who made this event possible: Thisted tourist office, Thisted municipality, Naturstyrelsen, Hansted Church, Schack Lindemann, Ulrich Ejvang Brandt, Peter Adolphsen, Jan Krogh, Martin Hoxer, Kaj Kirk, Henning Holm, Lucy Mardou, De Frie Forskningsråd and Christian Grant. Thanks to Per and Kirstine at Færgegrillen for hosting the event.