Listen to the Energy Walk

energywalk_album_logoThe ‘Energy Walk’ is now available to listen to, in both Danish and English.

The ‘Energy Walk’ weaves together the landscapes of the Danish Wave Energy Center, in Hanstholm, Denmark, with other landscapes at the energy edge: marine energy in Orkney, Scotland, and geothermal energy in Iceland. It tells stories and offers dreams of sustainable energy futures from our research project Alien Energy at the IT University of Copenhagen.

The walk begins at Færgegrillen, Hanstholm Havn, Denmark, where you can borrow a beautiful, carved wooden, digital walking stick (until 1 November 2014). From there you can immerse yourself in the experience of walking the grassy sand dunes, and harbour-side.

The walk is in six chapters. Start the next chapter when you reach a post in the landscape with the ‘Alien Energy’ sign.

For those who are unable to visit the seascape of Hanstholm, you can listen to the audio on Soundcloud, which is available here on the web, or you can download the Soundcloud app to listen to the albums on your phone:

Listen to EnergiVandring (Dansk)_

Listen to Energy Walk (English)_